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Could you, somehow,

supply me and the world,

with "evidence” that

"Your DNA is coded”?

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And I'm not talking

about the kind of


that America’s

mentally ill


shall soon use

to disprove

he's a


and a




To: Mr. Furbian Senior: Thank you for your comments.

Can we agree that Humanity has committed many atrocities in the name of "Belief", "Religious Entitlement", "Religious Duty", "Religious Requirements" AND in the name of "Greed", the pursuit of POWER, the pursuit for "More!" and a million other similar reasons? 

Many individuals who have murdered others, actually believed that they had a RELIGIOUS RIGHT and DUTY to so murder any who failed to come to their understanding of what "Proper Devotion To The Will Of God" required. 

Indeed, we have some, purportedly "Human", who will and DO, In FACT, murder their own Children for whatever failures to obey some purported "Duty To God" or whatever. 

As for "A Duty To Stone A Woman To Death" for some perceived "Religious Wrong": Such is NOT ONLY WRONG, it is A CRIME against Humanity! 

What if some should suggest (And continue promoting such, non-stop!) that the IMMEDIATE AND LETHAL STONING of Men Who stone Women to Death results in the GUARANTEED ADMISSION to Heaven, upon death, of anyone stoning such fools? 

We would run of "Clean Rocks" with which to KILL such fools. 

Are you starting to gain a glimpse of what "Rational Individuals" face when forced to confront the reality that there are, quite simply, too many fools on the planet?

With all respect Mr. Furbian, and stated without anger or acrimony: 

I and fellow "Critical Thinkers" won't be manning any "Gas Chamber" on behalf of your Religious Brethren. 

You shall have to employ other "Believers" as did the "Good Germans" when responding to Hitler's call to "Cleanse" Germany of "Impure blood". 

It is unfortunate that so many have been murdered, deceived, misled and deprived of all human respect  . . . due  the religious beliefs of some. 

However, that such events happened and so many "Believers" either hang their heads in shame (Or due their beliefs, are unable to hang their heads in shame!), is NOT THE FAULT of those who CHOOSE TO WAKE with respect to the HIGH PROBABILITY that we are but ANOTHER SENTIENT SPECIES that "Nature", quite frankly, looks upon as but another form of scurrying life.

Please! Try to make what you can of this simple bit of 'reasoning': 

When "God" (Or whatever other identifier is used these days.) purportedly "Appeared" to those people watching over their goats on some rock strewn hill . . . to present the existence of "A Super Being" and led to the development of whatever flowed from such  . . . approximately six thousand miles away THE CHINESE had already finished the work on their SECOND WRITTEN LANGUAGE! 

(That there may well have been "An Appearance" of some sort is NOT questioned. Indeed! It is HIGHLY PROBABLE that such did happen! It had to in order that such a story would continue through the ages!

However: While what appeared may well have been LOOKED UPON AS A GOD, I assure you that it was but another "Traveller"  who wanted to "see" how Humanity was doing.)

Please! Do not trouble yourself over another's refusal to accept what "Logic" commands be appraised with a critical eye.  You have your beliefs. Some respect you for them. I do also. However: 

That can't be looked upon as granting you one iota of support for your belief that "Believers" are, somehow, intellectually superior to "Non-Believers". (Implied in your statement.)

And you should not attribute evil, or evil thoughts to those who, with all good faith, SIMPLY CAN'T ACCEPT a belief that we are guided / protected / whatever by some sort of "God". Should we be grateful that we lived? Of Course! 

We are, to my most august view, alone with our individual lives . . to make of them what we can.

(This does NOT take away from what some believe is our duty . . to our children . . to try to maintain an acceptable basis for life on the Planet . . for as long as we can stay on this planet.)

Now: We come to the point about "WHY" it is that some "Believers" direct so much acrimony and related threats towards "Atheists": 

Do they do so due their purported "Religious Belief" that they are ENTITLED to do so . . . DUE their religious beliefs?  Should you choose to answer: Please consider and address this point!

 Woe! How can it be that we permit the existence of individuals that accept and will ACT on the lies and stories employed by old men to have them do as "THEY" wished? Is such madness to be accepted WITHOUT QUESTION? Are we to continue to laden our Children with such "belief"? Why not accept that "intelligent beings" will come to their own conclusions? Or is that too great a threat to "Organized Religion"?

Indeed! That madness continues to this day! With some religions, purportedly, threatening to AND beheading anyone who, for a but a moment, doubts the existence of a factual history on which to base their need to kill fellow human beings when ordered,  and thereby accrue whatever it is they seek from such madness.

To a safer, saner and more caring world.  

To Duty!

Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder

"The Tax Refusal”

Now, back to:

"What can we do?” 

“What can we do,

without having to 

store our personal vehicles?”,

is the actual question we wish to pose.

And pose such, silently,

because we know, deep within,

of the many wrongs we committed

when refusing to accept the facts

of where our greed was leading us.

That is our present day reality.

But we have no time to cry over such. 

We waited far too long

and added far too much heat,

crap and emissions

to our atmosphere.

Our duty, now, for those

who recognize the threat

to our survival as a species,

is such that there can be no

time wasted on recriminations:




the storage of

all personal vehicles,

or inform our children

that they have no future.

That is the reality of where our

greed driven behavior has driven us.

That many are still unsure

of whether or not we

should proceed to such an

action, and let later

generations start to deal

with the problem, is part

of the reason

we face

a near future


That and the associated greed driving

our insatiable desires for “More!”

must now be opposed and defeated.

We have no choice.

If we grant our greed’s desires

for a few more decades,

our sudden awakening ‘then’

when we won’t be able to deny or alter

what is happening, and why it is happening,

will lead us to turn on each other, knowing

that We-Lied to our children!




or accept that

we are determined to do


to try to save a

meaningful future

for our children!

Can we paint

this madness

in any other way?


What about the body of laws

that purportedly exist to ensure

that none can so threaten the other?

What  about the laws that we

have so assiduously developed

in order to confront, control and

hopefully erase all crimes against children?

Where are those laws,

NOW when we can openly see where

our Criminal misuse of Nature’s Gifts has led us?

Where are those “laws”,

now, to protect our children

from the consequencesof our


Where are those laws and “Lawmakers’

including Judges, Parents and whatever

Policing we have put in place

to protect our Children!?

Where are they?

Where are they now when we

need the power of law

in order to save

our children?


The result is our

“Over-Polluted World”.


being learned by anyone!



Woe! There will be No One to blame!

Our Books! Our Beliefs! Our Religions!

And the millions we murdered,

at such great cost,

in order to achieve


That will be gone!

All of it!

We’ll all be gone and that’s the end of that!


Can you now understand what is going on?

Can you now


what is meant by

“The Madness Of Greed”?

Can you now understand

the need to confront it?

To a safer, saner


more caring world!

To Duty!


What is one's duty,

When acknowledging a threat 

That would destroy all beauty, 

And steal children's breath?

Does therein lie evil

In avoiding a way

That forces the matter,

That builds to a day  

 When humanity shatters

Greed's guilty ways?

D.J.L. February 21/88

Travellers! Everyone!

To Duty!

Contribute to the effort!

And help spread the word!

© Daniel J. Lavigne 2017      <daniel511225@outlook.com>