The Petition

In order to have everyone

understand the need to confront 

“The Climate Crisis”,

President Obama’s Message

calls on everyone

to respond to the following:

Upon becoming aware

of the need 


all personal vehicles:

Will you help that come about?

To participate:

Share your answers

with everyone known to you.

To a safer, saner


more caring world!

To Duty!

“The Petition

serves another purpose:

The other is to have all cowards

in the North Dakota Senate

understand that they are subject

to an order compelling their

suicide, when they

understand the

extent of their crimes:

To the Cowards in the North Dakota Senate:

No one, other than Cowards would put in law

an edict to slow or forever damn any effort

to protect our Children's lives and futures. 

To ALL in the North Dakota Political process

that permitted that subversion of Justice:

You are sentenced to commit "A Suicide of Shame”.

You are to apply that sentence upon developing

courage sufficient to recognize the criminal nature

of your cowardice in permitting

Trump and his Greed Driven HenchMen 

to so threaten America and the world!

Do it!

Be the First

to publicly commit suicide

due your actions

while fearing

Trump and his Henchmen!

© Daniel J. Lavigne 2017